"And for the ladies, we threw in a little sidekick.." UK Horror Channel description of Matt Cutter 2011
Matt Cutter

John Allen Nelson as Matt Cutter.

Matt Cutter is played by John Allen Nelson in the 2000-2002 television series with Gena Lee Nolin. He runs a safari business, Cutter Enterprises, and makes dirty deals as well. He was previously in the C.I.A. but due to killing an innocent man, left for Africa and started Cutter Enterprises. On the television show, he mostly is there to be Sheena's cynical sidekick and also there to balance out the eye candy available.[1]

Matt Cutter sidekick

There is an ongoing sexual tension that remains between Matt Cutter and Sheena, but nothing really comes of it. Matt seems to be guided by greed until Sheena or a circumstance they both are involved in gets him out of it.

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